“Discoveries are made when boundaries are crossed. At FYN, South Africa’s wild freedom is tempered by the rigours of contemporary cuisine to create a restaurant at the edge.”

We were commissioned to design a unique identity for FYN that would resonate with the style of cuisine that Peter Tempelhoff & Ashley Moss prepares. FYN’s Cuisine which can be described as contemporary South African flavours with hints of Japanese Kaiseki styling to the food. We wanted to infuse the brand with this unique voice and came upon the idea of hunt, gather & seek – which is the essence of fine dining. We create symbolism by using iconography based loosely off of Japanese Hanto stamps, each symbol respectively represents the idea of hunt, gather and seek in an abstract manner. The symbols also escape the circular border to add to the idea of seeking. 

We employed nature textures throughout the design as natural textures are part of the unique atmosphere within the space. The nature of FYN (using fresh seasonal ingredients) means that the restaurant changes the menu’s on the fly so we created a system to deliver the new experience in-house with no delay. Our colourway is based on the dark chocolates, brass trim and blacks within the restaurant to ensure that they blend with the restaurants interiors and styling.

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Art Direction & Graphic Design – Ruan Lategan

Graphic Design, Layout & everything in-between – Wendy Lategan

‍Special Mentions: Warren “Baked Ink” – Mural Artwork | Interiors by Tristan at A1 Studios |  Ceramics by Roché Muller at Claylat | Cuisine prepared for FYN by Peter Tempelhoff & Ashley Moss