Meaning of the name Ubon ~ Etymology : Means “lotus” in Thai.

Ubon was born out of the need for accessible Thai cuisine in Sea Point, an up and coming area where young professionals live and work. The area had seen a spike in interest in Asian inspired food and they want to be the go-to for that kind of food experience.Ubon enrolled our services to create a brand identity for their new restaurant. 

As part of the initial brief Ubon tasked us to create an identity that would allow them to stand out as a unique experience that offers fast and accessible Thai food in Sea Point. 

We wanted to create a brand that had links to the old and new with light beige colours to represent parchment and a stamp to create a playful authentic experience. The colours are also used to contrast against the dark wood and concrete finishes inside the restaurant.

Art Direction & Graphic Design – Ruan Lategan
Layout, DTP & Everything in-between : Wendy Lategan